Edinburgh Dad takes on Mammoth Fundraising Challenge

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Edinburgh dad Gary Staerck has set himself up for a huge fundraising year in 2021 with his ‘12in12in5’ challenge.

Deciding that this year he wanted to take his New Year’s Resolutions seriously, getting fit, losing weight, and doing something for charity, he created this mammoth challenge for himself – over 12 months, he would complete 12 unique challenges, for 5 different charities!

Gary’s challenges include the now completed Dry January, the Couch to 5K, a 24 hour gaming session and the Supernova Kelpies in November with his 9 year old daughter, Polly.

He said that the motivation for the fundraising effort came, in part, from the abnormal year we had last year; “If 2020 (and Now 2021) has taught me anything, it’s taught me that you don’t know what’s round the corner so if you are going to do something then do it!”

Choosing 12 different fundraising feats could’ve been a challenge in itself, but this came together quite simply for Gary, he said; “I tried to mix it up a bit with a selection of different challenges, I also looked around the charities websites to try and see which ones were affiliated to try and share the love.”

Selecting the charities also came easily to Gary who wanted to give something back to Twins Trust, Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, Simpsons Special Care Babies, Scottish Autism & shout 85258, for the great support they have provided to him and his family at different points in their lives.

Gary & Polly are looking forward to heading to Helix Park in November to take on the Supernova Kelpies, he explained their reasoning for selecting the enlightening 5K; “It sounded fun and not your regular kind of running event. We love the kelpies and running in the dark sounded like an extra level!”

We would like to wish Gary all the best for his upcoming challenges and can’t wait to welcome him & Polly to the Kelpies later in the year!

If you’d like to read more about Gary’s story or donate to his fundraising efforts, please check his website below.Gary’s Challenge Page