Congratulations to all of our Supernova Virtual Winter Challenge finishers!

Supernova Virtual Winter Challenge

Below is a full list of finishers in alphabetical order, you can use the search function to find your listing.

FinisherEvent NumberDetailsCompletion Date
Naseema Akram2483Walking
1h 23m 0s
Sun 27th Dec 2020
Zahra Akram2484Walking
59m 26s
Sun 27th Dec 2020
Zofia Andrasovska24491h 8m 40s Wed 6th Jan 2021
Vinnie Atkinson 244428m 24s Wed 23rd Dec 2020
Steven Barrie223613.25 miles
1h 57m 47s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Angela Batchelor2347Walking
41m 29s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Vickie Batchelor2348Walking
41m 29s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Fiona Blacklock23965 miles
1h 0m 0s
Mon 7th Dec 2020
Jean Bruce2463Jogging
37m 0s
Thu 31st Dec 2020
Alexander Cadzow22538.80 miles
1h 5m 59s
Sat 21st Nov 2020
Claire Cadzow244010km
55m 52s
Wed 30th Dec 2020
Scott Cadzow2359Walking
1h 57m 12s
Tue 8th Dec 2020
Nina Cameron225526m 48s Fri 25th Dec 2020
Deepak Chand248010km
48m 7s
Fri 25th Dec 2020
Janette Charman 2488Mon 28th Dec 2020
Oliver Charman248734m 48s Mon 28th Dec 2020
Philip Charman2486Mon 28th Dec 2020
Sophie Charman2489Mon 28th Dec 2020
Callum Cleary2296Walking
41m 29s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Anna Crighton2368Sat 21st Nov 2020
Chris Davidson246210 miles
1h 49m 2s
Wed 30th Dec 2020
Ben Dean246610km
41m 49s
Sat 19th Dec 2020
Carol Dean249710km
1h 23m 0s
Fri 1st Jan 2021
Adam Doherty236921m 57s Sat 21st Nov 2020
Lukasz Drozd225621m 25s Mon 30th Nov 2020
Jo Foord222210km
1h 27m 33s
Wed 18th Nov 2020
Anitha Howardtbc35m 0s Sat 5th Dec 2020
Lauren Hughes222537m 1s Sat 21st Nov 2020
Elizabeth Jackson2394Wheelchair Push On Treadmill
54m 0s
Mon 28th Dec 2020
Laura Jackson252227m 57s Sun 10th Jan 2021
Margaret Jones245810km
57m 44s
Mon 4th Jan 2021
Sarah Jones247129m 19s Wed 23rd Dec 2020
Deborah King2427Thu 3rd Dec 2020
Jayne Lannen229531m 16s Sat 5th Dec 2020
Jennifer Learmonth226110 miles
1h 12m 49s
Wed 25th Nov 2020
Holly Lewis2276Walking
8 miles
2h 45m 0s
Wed 18th Nov 2020
Joanna Lewis2326Walking
1h 25m 0s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Kenneth Mackenzie240610km
49m 43s
Tue 12th Jan 2021
Susan Mackinnon238638m 6s Tue 8th Dec 2020
Lesley Martin 233054m 0s Sun 6th Dec 2020
Chloe McCole2439100km
35m 22s
Sat 5th Dec 2020
Frank Mcculloch238736m 59s Tue 8th Dec 2020
Lindsay McGowan239736m 1s Sat 28th Nov 2020
Eleanor McKay229831m 6s Thu 26th Nov 2020
Barry Miller225021m 32s Wed 25th Nov 2020
Gavin Milne224624m 4s Mon 28th Dec 2020
Marie Morris228141m 14s Sat 28th Nov 2020
James Morrison235239m 11s Wed 2nd Dec 2020
Lynne Morrison228545m 5s Sat 5th Dec 2020
Susan Naysmith253713.1 miles
2h 3m 0s
Sat 16th Jan 2021
Dave Oxlade240157m 45s Thu 26th Nov 2020
Patrick Part241010km
53m 16s
Thu 26th Nov 2020
Niamh Paterson2413Walking
1h 44m 11s
Sun 27th Dec 2020
Nathalie Richards2476Walking
20 km
3h 9m 8s
Tue 29th Dec 2020
Linda Ross228042m 0s Sat 28th Nov 2020
Catherine Rutter2220Tue 17th Nov 2020
Fiona Saunders227910km
1h 20m 59s
Sun 29th Nov 2020
Lyndsey Shaw2356Wed 2nd Dec 2020
Andreas SIDERIS23048.95
3h 0m 0s
Sat 21st Nov 2020
Robert Smith232036m 13s Sat 5th Dec 2020
Lucy Thomas23461.1 miles
18m 29s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Victoria Thomas22991.1 miles
18m 29s
Sun 22nd Nov 2020
Pamela Walls23215km
36m 5s
Wed 25th Nov 2020
Gemma Whitson227010km
1h 6m 0s
Sat 28th Nov 2020
Anita Wilbur249843m 17s Wed 30th Dec 2020
Christine Wilson244328m 24s Wed 23rd Dec 2020

The positive impact of the this great event spreads far further than the runners.
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