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Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

Everyone has the right to live life to the full. After a diagnosis of a chest or heart condition or a stroke, many people experience fear and isolation and struggle with the impact on their lives. Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland won’t stand for that. The care and support we deliver every day ensures everyone can live the life they want to.

Imagine if you had to struggle to breathe every day just from getting out of bed.  Or you were living constantly worried about your heart or scared that you might have another stroke at any moment.  Living with the reality of a long term health condition can be confusing and isolating.  Every day activities such as picking up a knife and fork, making a cup of tea or leaving the house can feel like a massive challenge.

We want to help people breathe better. We want people’s hearts to work as well as they can. We want to make sure that everyone has the best recovery they can after a stroke.

Across Scotland, over 1 million people – that’s one in five of the population – are living with the effects of serious chest and heart conditions and stroke.

The immense effort and support of our fundraising heroes means that we can provide a lifeline for those people in Scotland who are isolated, scared or anxious about their condition. Your time, commitment and donations help us to reach more people every day. Fundraise, donate or shop with us and help us to make a difference today.

Run for us and help us to reach the 1 million people across Scotland living with the effects of serious chest, heart and stroke conditions. Take on the challenge at the Scottish Half Marathon or 10k. #NoLifeHalfLived #JoinClanCHSS

Thank you for supporting Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland. With you on our side, we can make sure that no life is half lived.